Skilled volunteers needed

I need people with this equipment and skills to help me with my I-HEAR-U project.

I will be needing animation professionals, programmers, Graphic designers, data entry, Sign language experts, deaf person who understands sign language, Smart App Developers for Android and Apple. Please get back to me if you can assist. This App will be open source as it will be for the benefit of the hard of hearing all over the world.

I have the concept and some of the skills to get some of the project completed, but I lack other skills where you can help me. This is what Intelligent Fusion is based on.

We will be making products for non profit initially, but we can also sell some products to business and industry for profit. Each person involved will get a share based on time effort and skill. Every member of the project will be a joint owner of each product produced and delivered.

The sight will have skills categories where each member will define their skill set, level of knowledge, abilities, and experience necessary to perform a job. This will then be matched to projects with AI, and there will also be a search option too, for those who want to refine their skill requirements for their projects.